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At The Law Offices of Antonio D. Peña, we have recovered millions of dollars for car accident victims in Edinburg, McAllen and the surrounding parts of Texas. With the help of a lawyer from our law firm, you can be confident that you will get all the compensation you deserve.

Standing Up To Insurance Companies

After a car accident, you may be contacted by the negligent driver’s insurance company. You may be offered a settlement. The settlement may sound good on the surface. Unfortunately, it may not end up covering all of your expenses. Insurance companies survive not by paying out claims, but by doing everything they can to avoid or minimize payments.

Do not accept a settlement without first discussing your case with a dedicated car accident attorney to make certain you get all the money you are entitled to. When we handle personal injury claims like yours, we take great care to review the medical details and more to understand exactly how much money you need. Then we build a legal strategy designed to get you every penny.

What Caused The Car Accident?

Determining the cause of the auto accident is important. Was it a drunk driving accident? Was the driver texting and driving? Whatever the case may be, we will find out what happened and we will build our case appropriately. Even if the negligent driver was uninsured or underinsured, we may be able to find opportunities to get you compensation.

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All car crash claims are handled on a contingency basis, which means you are not required to pay any legal fees unless we get you compensation. Call or send an email today. Se habla español.

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